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Fracture Rehabilitation: Healing and Recovery at Physioheal Physiotherapy Gurgaon

Understanding Fractures: Types and Complexity

A fracture is a break in a bone which disrupts its continuity. Fractures encompass a variety of types, each requiring distinct management:

  1. Open/Compound Fracture: Bone breaks through the skin’s surface.
  2. Closed/Simple Fracture: Skin remains intact.
  3. Stable Fracture: Single pelvic fracture.
  4. Unstable Fracture: Multiple pelvic fractures.
  5. Transverse Fracture: Directly across the bone.
  6. Oblique Fracture: Fracture at an angle.
  7. Spiral Fracture: Twisting fracture.
  8. Comminuted Fracture: Bone shatters into pieces.
  9. Greenstick Fracture: Bends on one side, breaks on the other (children).
  10. Simple Fracture: Single fracture.
  11. Complicated Fracture: Affects additional structures like blood vessels.

Fracture Rehabilitation - Physioheal Physiotherapy

Treatment Approaches: Realignment and Immobilization

Fracture treatment involves realignment (reduction) through:

  1. Open Reduction (Surgery):
    • Internal Fixation (ORIF): Steel screws, rods, plates, or pins to hold bones in place.
    • External Fixation: Metal framework outside the limb (Llizarov method, X-frame).
  2. Closed Reduction (Conservative):
    • Hand Manipulation
    • Reduction under Anaesthetic
    • Traction for proper alignment

During healing, immobilization methods include:

  • Surgical Fixation: Internal or external methods.
  • Casts: Plaster of Paris, plastic, or resin.
  • Slings: Triangular bandage, collar and cuff, high sling.
  • Splints
  • Air Cast Boot

Role of Physiotherapy: Guiding Recovery

Immediate post-fracture physiotherapy is crucial. During fracture healing, physiotherapy focuses on:

  • Promoting Healing
  • Encouraging Weight Bearing
  • Maintaining Muscle Strength
  • Sustaining Range of Motion in Affected and Surrounding Joints
  • Reducing Pain and Swelling

After healing, extended physiotherapy continues for 3-12 months or until full function is regained. Goals include:

  • Progressing Weight Bearing Activities
  • Restoring Full Function
  • Regaining Muscle and Joint Strength and Mobility
  • Tailoring Sport-Specific Rehabilitation
  • Optimizing Joint Range of Motion

Benefits of Post-Fracture Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy accelerates return to function and enhances rehabilitation outcomes. If you seek expert post-fracture rehabilitation, consult our skilled physiotherapists Dr Divya Gaur at Physioheal Physiotherapy Gurgaon. Call +91-9999259307, book online, or request a phone consultation to embark on a journey toward comprehensive recovery and renewed vitality.

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