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Enhancing Mobility and Quality of Life: Total Hip Replacement Care at Physioheal Physiotherapy

Revitalizing Mobility: Total Hip Replacement (THR) Explained

Total Hip Replacement, also known as Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA), is a transformative procedure that replaces damaged bone and cartilage with prosthetic components. As a trusted orthopedic solution, THR ranks among the most successful and cost-effective surgeries.

Empowering Progress: Benefits of THR

THR effectively relieves pain and restores function in patients with advanced degenerative hip osteoarthritis.
During the procedure, the femoral head is replaced with a prosthetic head on a shaft, and the acetabulum’s joint surface receives a synthetic bowl-shaped surface.
For certain cases, a partial hip replacement addresses femoral neck fractures, replacing only the femoral component.

Unveiling the Hip’s Complex Design

The hip’s ball-and-socket joint enables versatile movement. This intricate design accommodates poly-axial motion.Hip Replacement Rehabilitation
Hyaline cartilage coats the femoral head and acetabulum’s interior. Wear or damage to this cartilage, often due to arthritis, exposes underlying bone, causing pain, stiffness, and even leg shortening. THR aims to alleviate discomfort, restore mobility, and promote an active life.

Navigating Post-THR Complications and Care

Complications following THR can be categorized into systemic and procedure-specific issues. Advancements in surgical techniques, anesthesia, and complication management have contributed to improved complication rates over time.
Common complications include deep vein thrombosis and the dreaded infection. Addressing leg length discrepancy effectively manages patient dissatisfaction.

The Road to Recovery: Customized Physiotherapy Management

Expert assessment by an orthopedic surgeon involves:
  • Medical history: Evaluating health and impact of hip pain on daily activities.
  • Hip Examination
  • X-rays: Assessing hip damage or deformities.
  • Other tests: Occasionally, MRI scans provide insights into bone and soft tissue condition.
Diagnosis of THR candidates is predominantly symptom-based, considering pain, limited range of motion, and functional impairment.

Physiotherapy Tailored to Thrive: Steps to Success

  1. Pre-operative Preparation:
    • Address hip precautions before surgery.
    • Conduct one-on-one preoperative therapy sessions to enhance postoperative outcomes and patient readiness for discharge.
  2. Pre-operative Assessment:
    • Evaluate subjective history, range of motion, muscle power, circulation, mobility, and function.
  3. Pre-operative Treatment:
    • Offer education, advice, discharge planning, and bed exercises.
    • Provide guidance on transfers, gait re-education, and stair climbing.
  4. Post-operative Progress:
    • Begin post-operative rehabilitation on the day of surgery for enhanced function and pain reduction.
    • Target muscle atrophy and strength loss through targeted strengthening programs.
    • Incorporate Motor Imagery training for comprehensive post-operative benefits.

Benefits of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy can improve strength and gait speed after total hip replacement and help prevent complications such as subluxation and thromboembolic disease; increases the patient’s mobility and offers education about the exercises and precautions that are necessary during hospitalization and after discharge.; maximizes the patient’s function which is associated with a greater probability of earlier discharge, which is in turn associated with a lower total cost of care.
  • Bed exercise following a total hip replacement important for the effects on oedema, cardiac function and improving range of motion and muscle strength.
  • Early weight bearing and physical activity have benefits for the quality of bone tissue, improving the fixation of the prosthesis and decreases the incidence of early loosening. The amount of activity is patient-specific, and clinical reasoning should be used to make adaptions where needed. Certain specific sport movements have a higher risk of injury for unskilled individuals, and should be incorporated later in the rehabilitation process under supervision of a physiotherapist.

Your Path to Thriving with THR Begins at Physioheal Physiotherapy

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