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Congenital Femoral Deficiency


"Ms Sejal" is a case of Congenital Femoral Deficiency. The rate of growth of the Leg bone was markedly less since childhood as compared to the growth of other bones in the body owing to Leg Length Discrepancy and Short Leg. She underwent EXTREMITY LENGTHENING AND RECONSTRUCTION SURGERY (The Ilizarov Method) at the age of 4years & RE-SHAPING THE SHALLOW HIP SOCKET(acetabulum) i.e Hip Osteotomy at the age of 9years. We started with Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy after her second operation. Now after a month & half of Physiotherapy she is able to Walk without support. She has re-joined school and now is Happy to walk like everyone else. She enjoys and now is able to play tippi-tippi-tap & unch-nich-ka-papda like games with her friends. Dr. Divya Gaur, Dr. Neha Chauhan, Sejal's Sister and her parents all supported and worked hard to make her Stand tall and rule the world.

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