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Disc Prolapse


He is a case of Disc Prolapse at various levels with excruciating leg pain and eventually loss of sensation and strength right leg. He underwent Leminectomy & Discectomy at various levels of spine(Lumbar). The portion of the disc that was pressing the nerves was taken out by surgery and the spine was fixed. After surgery , he had no sensation and no strength in his right leg. We started with rehabilitation and physiotherapy. After 2 months of continuous physiotherapy, He is able to walk with a HKAFO (Hip Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis with pelvic band) and Walker. Dr. Divya Gaur and Dr. Neha Chauhan took the lead. Now he can roll side to side in bed, sit to stand with walker, can do transfers from bed to chair and vice versa with walker. Still way to go, but going strong!

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