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Hypertension and Bronchial Asthma


Accurate assessment should reveal the exact nature of patient's problems and identify those amenable to physiotherapy, 83 year old lady with a history of Diabetes, Hypertension and Bronchial Asthma had Generalized body deconditioning which disabled her from standing, walking and carrying out essential functional activities and made her prone to falls, imbalance and dis-coordination. Its been a week that she joined Physioheal and a marked improvement in sitting , standing, walking was shown by her. A moderate relief in her breathlessness was also noticed. We are proud of our team and we welcome Dr. Ankita Vashisth (MPT cardiothoracic and Intensive care) to our team of Physios. An 85 year old female with severe OA of the knee had been kept awake at night with pain. Prior treatments with anti-inflammatories and cortisone provided temporary, short term relief. CellStim treatment consisted of an IFC arrangement of pads on the medial/ lateral line and inf/ sup poles of patella. Treatments began at 3 times a week and then diminished. After 14 treatments in 10 weeks at 30 Hz/ 300 uA x 10 minutes and .3 Hz/ 40 uA x 10 minutes. The pain reduction indicated 95 % improvement. - Mrs Veena Malik, Age: 85 yrs

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