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Lower Back Pain


I recently attended The Physioheal Physiotherapy Clinic in Delhi, Janak puri, with crippling back pain which had started quite suddenly, restricting every thing I did including climbing stairs, dressing myself, getting in and out of bed, sitting in the car and sleep was impossible without pain killers. I had been in pain for two weeks when my wife persuaded me to go to the Clinic as she had previously attended with severe back pain. After four visits with Dr.Divya, she made a complete recovery. She wanted to know the full history of the injury and asked me to demonstrate how far I could bend in all directions, which was very little. On examination the doctor was shocked to discover that my lower back simply did not flex at all. She gave me treatment on my spine and gave me a list of very specific exercises to do and another appointment in two weeks. I religiously did the exercises twice a day and the improvement in my movement and reduction in the pain was remarkable. I was able to drive myself to the next appointment, walk a considerable distance from car to Clinic and climb on to the treatment bench without assistance. I continue to do the exercises twice daily. I am very pleased with the results and can highly recommend the Clinic. Thank you once again.

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