Papaya – Fruit to avoid during pregnancy!.

Wondering if we can eat papaya during pregnancy? The answer is NO. 

Papaya intake apparently brings on labour early or causes miscarriage. This is partially true. Papayas, especially the unripe and semi-ripe ones are rich in latex, which is known to trigger uterine contractions. Unripe fruits contains chemicals that are similar to prostaglandins which initiated contractions. 

 Women in remote areas use unripe papaya for aborting the unwanted pregnancies. The enzymes present in papaya are not only abortifacient (causing abortion) but also teratogenic (affect the physiological growth of fetus).

It affects the blood sugar level and it is unsafe to eat papaya if you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes
Unripe papaya can be put in more than enough pressure on blood vessels, and even prompt internal bleeding and bleeding in the placenta. This will slow down the circulation of the blood influencing badly the development of the fetus. It is true that papaya alleviates constipation; it moreover cures inflammatory bowel problems. Be that as it may, these helpful attributes of papaya can hurt pregnant ladies. This surplus bowel movement can create pressure within the uterus and reason miscarriage.

However, there is no harm in eating ripe papayas as ripe papayas contain only a very low level of papain. 

 Ripe papayas are excellent during pregnancy. Ripe papayas are rich in vitamins, such as vitamin C and other wholesome nutrients , antioxidants that prevent the onset of pregnancy symptoms, such as heartburn and constipation. Papayas mixed with honey and milk are also an excellent tonic for pregnant women, especially during lactation.

Written and compiled by Dr Divya Gaur 

Senior Physio and Antenatal Educator

Bump and baby club antenatal sessions



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