Pregnancy Myth: Eating ghee for a easy delivery?

“Consuming ghee is good for pregnancy” is one such myth that is very popular, particularly in Indian home, but completely lacks evidence or scientific reasoning to support the claim.

It is often thought that like castor oil, ghee can act as a laxative which can help induce labor in women who are overdue. By irritating the bowel , which then extends to the uterus, drinking ghee is believed to lead to contractions.

It is also thought that it helps to lubricate the vagina thus aiding in smooth delivery. There is no evidence to back either of these beliefs. Usually drinking ghee is suggested in ninth month of pregnancy by adding it to a cup of warm water. 

Is Ghee Really Necessary In Pregnancy?
Latest research claims that a pregnant woman needs 200 extra calories to nourish her baby. So doctors advice consuming an extra of 300 calories during the second and third trimester. If you are on the right track and consuming a well-balanced diet fortified with vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates by consuming fruits and vegetables and healthy compounds, Ghee can stay off the list. If there is a need for you to get some extra calories, your doctor can advise some healthy, wholesome food to help you with. Consuming a lot of fatty food can accelerate your weight gain and complicate your pregnancy. the more you gain weight now, the difficult it will be to get rid of it later. Shedding fats accumulated in pregnancy can be a lot tougher if you have consumed too much fats. If at all you fall prey to obesity, please keep in mind that it can hamper your chances of having a smooth labor and delivery.

Consuming of high amounts of ghee during pregnancy, without burning much of it through physical activities, can lead to storage of more fat in the abdominal area which can cause problems in case a C – section is needed.

What Else Can I Do To Have A Normal, Vaginal Delivery?
If you are eating well, have included some physical activity on your schedule and are otherwise healthy, you stand a good chance to have a normal, healthy delivery. However, pregnancy is unpredictable and no doctor can say with certainty how your delivery will be like. Keeping up with antenatal appointments, taking your supplements on time, eating a well-balanced wholesome diet, ditching the bad habits, regular exercises and keeping a positive frame of mind are just some ways that can help you sail smoothly through labor and delivery.

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