Therapeutic Laser & Post Pregnancy Facial Palsy!

Post Pregnancy Facial Palsy Patient with her doctor

Mrs Anshu developed Facial paresis after delivering her second baby. She visited a medical practitioner for the same. She was prescribed some medications and was also asked to take physiotherapy sessions.

Physioheal Clinics have introduced therapeutic laser therapy for such cases apart from the normal Physio therapeutic protocol and have been able to achieve hundred percent success rate. Also, In Anshu’s case , we were able to achieve a hundred percent recovery.

She came to us with inability to raise eye brows, blink eyes/ close eyes, inability to smile, drooling , inability to puff the cheeks/ whistle or blow, inability to pout & speak. All of these symptoms were resolved completely after twenty physiotherapy sessions.

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We will be happy to assist you !!A Dr. with her female patient to showing physiotherapy result

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